Understanding Spiritual Gifts

This 17-part sermon series delves into the various spiritual gifts mentioned throughout the New Testament and explores and explains each in the context of The Church and Spirit-filled Christian living.

Part 17: Walking in God's Design for Our Lives: Putting the gifts of the Spirit in perspective for daily life.

Outline (PDF)

Part 1: An introduction to the series and an overview of the purpose and nature of spiritual gifts as outlined in the New Testament. 

• Common errors in understanding the Gifts of the Spirit.

Outline Ch. 1 (PDF)

Outline Ch. 2 (PDF)

Part 3: Leadership Gifts (Cont.)

• Prophets

Outline (PDF)

Part 5: Leadership Gifts (Cont.)

• Pastors

• Teachers

Outline (PDF)

Part 7: The Wisdom Gifts (I Corinthians 12) (Cont.)

• Word of Knowledge

• Word of Wisdom

Outline (PDF)

Part 9: Prophetic Gifts

• Prophecy

• Tongues

• Interpretation of Tongues

Outline (PDF)

Part 11: Gifts of Power (I Corinthians 12)

• Gift of Faith


Outline (PDF)

Part 13: Romans Gifts

Part 15: Romans Gifts (Cont.)