Église Potentiel

Église Potential is a new church plant in Paris, France. Their mission is to be a gathering of people being transformed by the power of God, taught and trained in the evangelical faith according to the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ and equipped by the Holy Spirit to worship and serve God in fulfilling His Will in life, society and the world. River of Life regularly hosts Pastor Jonathan Manoovaloo, maintains close relational and prayer support, and sends members to help with initiatives in France. 

Jonathan Manoovaloo is a Pastor & Evangelist of the Union of Evangelical Revival Churches in France and ordained Minister of the Gospel by Messenger Fellowship - a group of ministries in the United States of America and around the world.

Pastor Jonathan Manoovaloo also known as Jonathan Manou evolves in the prophetic ministry & in worship. He also travels as a traveling Revivalist in several countries to work for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. He works with leaders and pastors to equip and build, through his modest contribution, the Church of Jesus Christ.

Thus, he coordinates nationally the youth activities of twenty or so churches in France and works with national, European and world pastors at pastoral meetings and seminaries (especially with charismatic and Pentecostal organizations). : PEF, Empowered21, UEER, Messenger F., etc.). Founder of many events, he initiated "Transmission", an annual meeting of leaders and pastors under the umbrella of Messenger Fellowship. He is the founder and director of the national Potentiel youth camp.