Interested in being invited to a House Church?

Fill out this form, and we'll reach to you in order to get you plugged into a house church near you. See below for more detailed information about house church placements.

House Church Placement Policy

Houses churches are decided primarily based on geography, but we approach each placement with an open heart and mind, considering multiple factors when deciding where would be the best place for people to attend.

If you were invited to ROL through a specific house church or relationship:
•.     It is usually best and suggested for you to attend THAT house church. If you’d rather attend somewhere closer or for a different reason would like to be plugged in somewhere else, talk with the church office about the right place to be attend.

For new people to ROL that weren’t invited to a specific house church:
•.     Church leadership will make a suggestion for which house church you should attend. This is decided primarily geographically but we also take practical and pastoral issues into account (for example if a house church is very full already, we might not send a family of 7 to that church even if it is geographically closest).
•.     We will connect you with the house church leaders for a phone call prior to your first visit, so you have all the details you need about times, location, etc.

What if I would like to switch house churches?  
•.    We want to avoid people “house church shopping” to find which house they like best, creating a popularity contest amongst the house churches. At the same time, we recognize that sometimes there are relational or pastoral issues that might be best addressed by shifting which house church you attend. We request that if this is the case, it is done in prayerful consideration and open dialogue with ROL pastoral staff prior to switching house churches.

What expectations are there to be involved in a House Church?
•.    Please review the below-linked house church covenant. A House Church covenant is an agreement that members make with the other group members. Its purpose is to make the protocols of the house church clear.   The goal is to make ROL House Churches a safe place for people who want to grow in their relationship with God and one another as they seek to reach out to their neighbors in Christ’s Love.

House Church Covenant