Spiritual Growth and Discipleship Classes

Living Free
Living free is a powerful "class-meets-small group" that lays a great foundation for Jesus-style ministry. We encourage everyone attending our church to take this class.  The class itself takes about 4 months, with an invitation to continue on in a small group format afterward.
Overview from Living Free curriculum by Mike Riches: Are you living the life God designed for you? Because we live in a world  dominated by sin and Satan-a world marked by rejection, abandonment, injustice, abuse, and intimidation-the person God created you to be has been compromised and imprisoned. But Jesus came to set you free! He came to release you to a life full of joy, compassion, courage, hope, peace, and love-a life of experiencing God's presence and power. Living Free: Recovering God's Design for Your Life will help you experience and enjoy the freedom found only through Jesus Christ. You'll learn about: • God's original design for your life and His unconditional love for you • Why "salvation" through Jesus Christ gives you much more than just a ticket to heaven • How to appreciate (and make use of) the gift of repentance • How to live triumphantly through sane spiritual warfare • How to completely release past hurts and injustices • How to live your life in God's supernatural power • How to break the power of spiritual strongholds and generational sin patterns from your life • How to rise above past and present circumstances to live in freedom, confidence, authority, and joy!

Hearing God’s Voice
6 week course teaching from a biblical perspective on learning to hear God’s voice for yourself and others. You’ll learn the ways God historically and biblically speaks to people, how to train your ears/heart/mind to hear His voice, how to represent Him responsibly when sharing with others, using spiritual discernment to guard against error and deception, and living a lifestyle on conversational communication with Your Heavenly Father.

How To Read the Bible – Bible study tools
Introduction to hermeneutics, how we rightly interpret the Bible including choosing a good translation, understanding different genres, understanding historical context, and more.

Marriage and Family Freedom
A 12 week class focused on building a healthy marriage. Topics include: building a team marriage, unforgiveness and re-establishing trust in marriage, second marriages, withholding, overcoming marriage tools, and parenting for spiritual breakthrough.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts
This class is intended to help believers in the practical application of the gifts and how they are intended to operate in and through the Church. We cover common errors in approaching the gifts, a look at the leadership giftings listed in Ephesians 4, the motivational gifts in Romans 12, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Cor. 12. You’ll have opportunity to receive prayer for impartation and expanding the gifts in your life and ROL.

Emotionally Healthy Leadership
Class dealing with leading well through developing a deep inner life, covering planning and decision making, building teams, creating healthy culture, facing your shadow, leading out of your marriage or singleness, embracing endings and new beginnings, and more.

A Discipleship Journey
A Discipleship Journey is a disciple-making tool we use and have available more than it is a class. Packed with Scripture, wisdom, and ways of God, group members develop relational accountability as they study foundational elements of following Jesus. This is a tool we try to put in the hands of those willing and committed to mentor and disciple others.

Financial Stewardship
This study will help you understand God’s financial principles, work towards being debt free, create a solid financial plan, make confident financial decisions, develop new habits and attitudes toward money and possessions, save and invest, grow in generosity, and impart financial wisdom to your children.

Grief Recovery
This course will help you walk through a healthy grieving process and move toward recovery. Walk with a handful of others as we talk about how to handle loss in many areas of life, including loss of loved ones, faith, career, health, or growing up in alcoholic or a dysfunctional home.

Men of Integrity
Learning to live free from pornography and addictive behaviors as we become men of integrity. Meets Tuesday Evenings at 5:30 pm at River of Life.

Leadership/Ordination Training through Messenger Fellowship
We believe in leadership development, both in the church and in vocations. As part of our commitment to develop leaders, both those in full-time ministry and those ministering in their vocations, Messenger Fellowship provides in-depth training for those pursuing ordination or licensing for ministry. This course is offered by recommendation from Pastoral Staff only.